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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be everything under the sun: a teacher, a pilot, a firefighter, a lawyer, the President, a detective in the Special Victims Unit (thank you Law and Order), and a writer.  Always a writer. No matter how everything else on that list might have changed, writer always stuck. 

A lot of what I write reflects my own journey; navigating the world and crafting my identity. I write about women, mothers, sisters and children. I write about subtle traumas and catastrophic ones. I write about relationships and love, both the ones that hurt and the ones that heal. I write about the intricacies and politics of identity and I write myself into places and spaces where I and others like me can belong.

I have written and published personal essays, expositional articles, short stories and poetry, worked on video game narratives, and written a feature length screenplay. Writing has helped me find my voice, and sharing that voice with others is both the most terrifying and most exciting thing I have ever done.