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Writing cover letters, bios, or anything that requires me to talk about myself at length, or even briefly, is challenging for me, so please accept these beautiful words written and delivered by my dear friend Dilruba Ahmed at a community discussion I facilitated.

“To introduce Satya, I could mention her poetry & prose writing, which is meditative & luminous, and can be found online and in her novel, HELLO MORNING. I could mention her work advocating for self-care & wellness among Swarthmore College students and beyond. I could mention the online writing course she’s developed to help others recognize their own wisdom & harness their intuition, with the goal of living with fullness & intention. And I could mention the thoughtfulness she puts into her role as the parent of 4 amazing children. Including the fact that, even her 4-year-old son’s birthday celebration included what was essentially a mini-lesson in Bystander Intervention. In keeping with the superhero theme, Satya chose a book that reminded all of us that we can call upon our superhero strength & courage in order to intervene when something is not right, regardless of our age or size.

I could mention all of these things and more. Instead, I’ll borrow words from novelist Zadie Smith, taken from a talk she gave in Berlin on November 10, 2016, titled “On Optimism & Despair.”

“If novelists know anything it’s that individual citizens are internally plural: they have within them the full range of behavioral possibilities. They are like complex musical scores from which certain melodies can be teased out and others ignored or suppressed, depending, at least in part, on who is doing the conducting. At this moment, all over the world—and most recently in America—the conductors standing in front of this human orchestra have only the meanest and most banal melodies in mind. Here in Germany you will remember these martial songs; they are not a very distant memory. But there is no place on earth where they have not been played at one time or another. Those of us who remember, too, a finer music must try now to play it, and encourage others, if we can, to sing along.” - Zadie Smith

If you already know Satya, you’re already well aware that she’s a living example of someone who is always, always working toward a “finer music,” and—in her everyday interactions with others—encouraging all of us to sing along.”

Dilruba Ahmed