Dreamscaping 101

Dreamscaping 101


Everyone has a dream, but not everyone is living it. Why is that? Doesn't everyone want to live the life of their dreams? Doesn't everyone want to spend their life doing things they're passionate about? Doesn't everyone want to feel alive every moment of every day? Of course they do! But something still holds them back.

Whether that "something" is fear of failure, or financial restrictions, or just not knowing where to start, Dreamscaping 101 can help you.

But what is dreamscaping and what are dreamscapers? Dreamscaping is the process of transforming your dreams into reality, and dreamscapers are people who want to live the lives they've only ever dreamt of.

This is a process I had to go through for myself and am still going through now, and I am excited to be sharing all that I have learned.

In Dreamscaping 101, for ten days you will receive an email prompt meant to walk you through your field of dreams, help you determine what your dreams actually are, and create tangible goals to achieve them. After you take some time to reflect on the prompt, you will submit your response to me for personalized feedback with action steps to support you moving forward with your dreams.

Don't put your dreams off for an elusive someday. Don't put your reality at odds with our dreams so that they seem unattainable. Your dreams are possible! And I want to prove it to you.

Someday can be today. 

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