Intentional 21

Intentional 21


Each morning for 21 days you will receive an email with:

  • An affirmation that will set the tone for the day’s entry

  • A quote that will inspire you

  • A series of questions that will help you reflect on where you have been, where you are, where you would like to go, and what steps you can take to get there.

This series is an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into your own wisdom, harness your intuition and take steps to live your best life!

For your convenience, registration now also includes an E-book version of Intentional 21 with all 21 sets of affirmations, quotes and reflection questions in 2 convenient PDF documents: one that is print ready and the other which has been optimized to view with an E-reader.

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"I connected with all 21 prompts. I really enjoyed everything about it. I would read it while I was in bed and it would set the tone for my day." Makeda R. 

“I copied each email and cherished both the content and the opportunity for inspiration every day. I knew from the beginning that I would want to revisit this exercise again and again. Every day I would read the inspiration and think about how the words made me feel. Some days the words were just little reminders that I am on the right track. On these days I was actually very excited to be reminded that my journey has taken me on a path of self-discovery … and… that may be a little further along a path of self-knowing, than I sometimes give myself credit for.” Dorie T.