It started with a post on social media.

Where is this cottage in the woods in Beyonce's video, where all these glorious Black women go to commune over their shared #‎blackgirlmagic and sip #‎lemonade? Is there a #‎CampLemonade? How does one get an invitation? Beyoncé, I'm not evening kidding though.


Then one woman replied and said, "I need you to host a retreat and call it exactly this: Camp Lemonade." Then another woman commented echoing that sentiment, then another and another. The response was so amazing, and beautiful and almost overwhelming, that I figured, why not? Let's do this!

The general idea is to go camping from Friday-Sunday, renting a group site so we're not near a bunch of other people. Each woman who comes would contribute a dish to either one lunch or dinner, or brunch on the final day, and send me some small contribution to cover breakfast. We would have different break out groups based on women's areas of expertise, go hiking, the writers could do readings by the campfire, we'll have a dance party in the woods of course, and just generally have a good time.

I wanted to create a more permanent place for Camp Lemonade to live where it would be more easily accessible than it is embedded within a post on Facebook or Instagram, so I created this space, where I hope we can share ideas, and make Camp Lemonade feel like it belongs to all of us. 

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