Community Building

I've shared this picture with my children a number of times. I've used it to explain to them that magic is necessary for growth, and that they will find a great number of their dreams and aspirations in the middle of, or, on the other side of that growth.

As a facilitator, I create a safe space where everyone can be comfortable being uncomfortable, which is to say, a space where everyone recognizes that in order for learning and growth to happen, we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and that can be hard to do.

I have facilitated discussions on topics including, but not limited to: conflict resolution, mindfulness, privilege, bias, and allyship.

I encourage everyone involved in the conversations I facilita to ask questions, and I have my own thoughtfully curated questions that encourage critical thinking about challenging topics.

Whether you are in a corporate setting, a community organization, or a school, I will leverage my expertise to facilitate a discussion where magic happens. 

Contact me to find out more about how I can guide you outside your comfort zone and support your growth.