The Living Dream Fund

It is easy to get swept up in life, and lose track of our dreams, but it is never to late to make them a reality.  The Live Your Dreams One-Day Workshop &  Retreat will help participants discover their truth, identify their road blocks and create an action plan for overcoming obstacles and taking the first steps toward the life they were always meant to live.

In a perfect world I could offer all of my services for free, and it is my hope to always be able to offer an annual retreat at no cost, but in order to do that now, I need your help. I want to be able to offer my first retreat free of charge so that anyone who feels moved by what I am offering will be able to attend.

The breakdown of cost is below:

Venue: $600

Food and Beverages: $375

Advertising (Facebook Ads and Local publications): $150

Retreat Programs & Information Packets: $100

Supplies for Activities and Breakout Sessions: $125

Total Cost: $1,350

Any donations accrued in excess of the total needed will be put into the Living Dream Fund for future retreats.

Any and all donations are appreciated. Thank you for your generosity.