How I Keep From Quitting

I think about quitting sometimes. Depending on the week or month you catch me in, one might be able to say I think about it a lot. I imagine myself giving it all up. No more writing. No more coaching. No more dreaming. I give myself a million reasons (read excuses) why quitting is my best option. But then, right when I'm on the brink of deleting my Facebook page, scrapping my website, and depositing my latest manuscript in the trash bin on my desktop, I ask myself, "But then what?"


Say I quit, then what happens? Where do I go from there?How will I feel about myself? What will I say to my kids and all the people who supported and believed in me? Am I going to tell them it just got too hard? No! Every time, I tell myself no. Because I am tougher that that, and so are you. And my dreams are worth every ounce of hard work I have and will continue to put into them and so are yours.

Struggle is part of the journey. Doubt is part of the journey. But I'll tell you like I tell myself: Don't give up. You've worked too hard and come too far for that. You have just as much right to realize your dreams as anyone else, and the only thing keeping you from them is the will to keep going - the will to stay the course when others throw in the towel.



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