Artist's Prayer

I give thanks for all of my blessings

and all of the wisdom life's experiences have afforded me.

I give thanks for the love in my life and

my ability to reciprocate that love. 

I open myself up to creativity.

I welcome new ideas.

I trust my path though I may not always

be able to see it under my feet,

or know where it leads.

Please help me to recognize my flaws as

parts of my humanity and as opportunities

for growth.

Please help me to recognize the beauty within myself

and please help me to order my words in a way

that will touch someone else's life

and make them feel less alone. 

Hear my prayer.


I got the idea to write this while reading Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, which is a really amazing program by the way. I try to read my Artist's Prayer at least once a week, but I seek it out especially when I'm experiencing writer's block, or am feeling discouraged. It helps me to center myself, and put things in perspective. 

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