Winter Reading List

I recognize that we are almost a month into winter and I am just now posting my reading list, but what can I say, the cold has made me sluggish. Also, writing AND reading a lot = a lot harder than one might think. I've come to find that 3 books a season are a pretty manageable number. If I get to more than that, hooray! If not, then at least I won't feel self-imposed guilt over not finishing my reading list. Sooo, on the winter line up we have:

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones is the one book that I didn't get to finish from my Fall Reading List, so I'm excited to startt the winter off with it.

(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race by Yaba Blay, Ph.D. This book is stunning to look at. I can't wait to read it.

The Singer by Elizabeth Hunter is the second book in the Irin Chronicles. If you'd like to see how head over heels in love I was with the first book in this series, take a look.

It's gonna be a great Winter! Oh! And I love suggestions! So if you have any ideas for future book lists email me at with the subject line "Book Suggestions."

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