Children's Books - New Classics

I realized as I was looking over my Summer Reading List (and the summer reading lists of the rest of my household), that I had unintentionally left out my two-year-old son. And while he is not quite at the independent reading stage in his life, he still very much enjoys looking at the pictures in books and being read to. So, in order to rectify this little oversight, I have compiled a list of books that we love to read together.

Zen Shorts by Jon J Muth

Zen Ties by Jon J Muth

Hi, Koo by Jon J Muth

* I swear every book on this list is not by Jon J Muth, but my son is in love with the pandas in his stories, and I love the Zen spin on his stories.


The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

Hugtime by Patrick McDonnell


What Do You Do with an Idea by Kobi Yamada

Willoughby and the Lion by Greg Foley

One Love by Cedella Marley

Love Monster by Rachel Bright

So Many Days by Alison McGhee

The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak

Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner


Now I know technically these are children's books, but there is a lot of wisdom to be found in these pages, so feel free to read them no matter what you're chronological age :)

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