Highlight Reel

We live in a time when the whole world is a swipe or a keystroke away. Social media allows us glimpses into the lives and thoughts of family, friends, co-workers and even perfect strangers. 

With people sharing intimate events like the birth of their children, proposals, private family moments and more, we can end up with a false sense of intimacy.

We can sometimes think we know how a person is doing because we've dropped in on their page or commented on a recent post, but there are sentiments that can't always be conveyed by words on the screen. Beyond that, what many people post on social media or chronicle on their blogs amount to a highlight reel. 

Just because it doesn't look like someone is struggling doesn't mean they're not. Just because everything looks "perfect" from the outside looking in, doesn't mean it is.

Just because a person only or mostly shares their triumphs, doesn't mean their challenges don't exist. 

Feeling pain and hurt and despair and sadness is often presented as a weakness. It can be tough to express those feelings in a public forum, which is why many times people don't. The person we present to the public does not always reflect the fullness of our journey.

We need to remember that people are more than what they post. 

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