Writing Myself Into Being

My husband says I grew up like a gypsy. He says that's why I get uncomfortable when we live in a single place for more than a few years. I'm not sure if that's true, but I do know that for as long as I can remember, I have been searching for my place; searching for somewhere my spirit will recognize I belong.

My writing has always accompanied me on this journey to find my voice. The characters I create and the stories I tel; reflect that. I write about women, mothers, sisters, and children. I write about subtle traumas and catastrophic ones. I write about relationships and love, both the ones that hurt and the ones that heal. I write about intricacies and politics of identity and I write myself into places and spaces where I and others like me can belong.

Story telling at its best allows us to not only connect with characters  across the spectrum of human experience, but it allows us to find ourselves. The worlds I create spring from the world I come from. They are diverse, challenging, blended and heart breaking, but they differ in that I help my characters find power in their difference, a power I wish I had recognized growing up, and a power I hope my words help others realize.

Words to Live By

Living Outside of My Comfort Zone