Personal Myths

There have been many things I have wanted to do in my life, but I told myself I couldn't for one reason or another. I told myself I couldn't be a nurse because I wasn't good at science. I told myself I couldn't be a writer for a living, because it was such a competitive field, and I didn't have the talent to make it.

I told myself a lot of things. But it took me a long time to stop and realize that I was the one making those decisions. I wasn't actually bad at science. It wasn't actually impossible for me to make a living as a writer. These were just things I told myself.


I was the one deciding what I was and was not capable of, and just as easily as I told myself I couldn't do something, I could have been telling myself that I could. We are all that is standing in the way of our own greatness. What believe about ourselves becomes our reality.

Sometimes we tell ourselves the same story so many times that we start to just accept it as truth. We forget that we can change our story. We can use the power of thought to dream up amazing things for ourselves, and just as we made negative myths manifest, we can also bring the positive to fruition.


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