Who Are Your People?

We live in a society that supports independence. This is not an inherently negative character trait, but when we get caught up in a world solely of our own making it can be dangerous. Just as businesses, governments, and even clubs, need a system of checks and balances, so too do each of us.

We need to have people in our lives to act as devil's advocates, to be our sounding boards, to reel us in when necessary and even to give us a brutal dose of honesty from time to time when it's warranted. This is not to say we should always do what we're told, but hearing opinions that are not our own allows our mind to go places it may not have gotten to on its own.

You can still be an individual, and you can still craft a unique identity, while considering the stance of others. In fact, doing so can really strengthen and elevate your thoughts, which in turn fortifies your actions, and ultimately enhances your reality.



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