Liberated Lines - Day Two

I am standing in front of the mirror again, as this has inadvertently become a part of my morning ritual. I promised myself that this year I would put some effort into loving my outside. This is not to say I would neglect my inside, but I was beginning to realize I couldn't fully manage one without the other. So, I stand in front of the mirror and look up, and pour love into all the places I usually poke and prod.

And I bestow blessings on this body that has carried me for decades and been a constant home for a spirit that waxed and waned until I learned to fortify myself from within. 

I rest my hands on my hips and give thanks to these bones that have shifted and spread to accommodate life and usher something made between the love of my life and me and God into the world, and feel almost petulant for daring to pepper these bones that have made space for miracles with insults. But I remind myself that part of loving me means forgiving me. 

So, I stand in front of the mirror on this new day and practice seeing myself as love would have me appear. 


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