Liberated Lines - Day Three

Sit down. Cross one leg over the other. Close Eyelids. Breathe. Breathe Deep. 

I chase away the to do lists that quicken my heartbeat and disrupt the pattern of my respirations. My mind is resistant to wander. It tiptoes into the space for dreaming, and it is several breaths before it is comfortable there. But then it happens. I see the life I only ever talk about in fragments, always afraid to lay it all out at any one time, in any one place lest it seem too ambitious, in case by speaking it, I somehow manage to jinx it, or spook it, or otherwise keep it from being. I see it all there in bold, vibrant colors. I can feel what it is like to inhabit my body in that place of fulfillment and peace and wonder, and it is brilliant. My body vibrates with excitement and I somehow know that I truly can have all of this if only I would dream with my eyes open. 

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