making room

If you walked into my house you might not think that a minimalist lives here. You might look at my shelves full of books or my son's truck collection tucked neatly under the coffee table or the shoes lined up by the front door or any number of things, and think, nope, no way.

But on my journey to streamline and simplify my life, I have learned that what minimalism looks like shifts depending on the lens of the person imagining it. 

When I walk through my home I see space where I once saw clutter, order where there once was chaos (albeit organized chaos). My life feels calmer and it feels like there is now space for the things I've been working to manifest. 

I have been asking the universe for abundance while my life was already full to the brim with things I didn't need, things that had long since stopped serving their purpose, things that were weighing me down. Where was the universe supposed to send that abundance, and even if the universe sent it, where would I have put it? I had no room. 

I have been surprised at every turn by how much more clear my mind feels as I clear my physical space, and how full my life still feels despite having so much less. 


P.S. My journey through minimalism has been greatly aided by my best friend Patrice King, CP Patrick aka The AfroMinimalist, Brown Kids, and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. 

for my sister on her wedding day

Summer Reading, Jr.