for my sister on her wedding day

I found it poetic that my sister asked me to speak about love at her wedding when my first memories of love are of loving her. I think what I remember most from the first time I met her are her little wrinkly feet. It amazed me that they fit so perfectly into the palm of my still small four-year-old hands. 

I loved how soft they were having not yet touched the ground. I loved to press them against my face, and photos on my grandmother's walls can confirm that. 

My first sister. I loved her. Love her. Will always love her. It is this warm feeling that starts in my core and spreads out into every inch of me. It makes me feel like I am glowing. It makes me feel more alive. It makes me feel both strong and frightened at the same time. And maybe more than anything else, it makes me want to be better. And isn't that what love is after all-- the very best of us.

Love encourages us to be patient. Love reminds us to be kind. Love compels us to forgive and to be our most compassionate selves. Love inspires us to be honest and communicate difficult truths. Love gives us the courage to come undone, because we know it will be there to put us back together.

And because of this, can there be any greater vow that we can make, than when we vow to love and be loved in return? 

And because of this I find there is nothing greater I can wish for you both today, than love. I wish you love. Today, tomorrow, and every day of your forever.

i think this is what faith looks like

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