Daily Ten - Week Two

Below is the second week of my daily ten observations. To learn more about my daily ten, and read the observations that came before these, you can read all previous posts here


1. My mind wanders a lot during my daily repetitive activities, i.e., teeth brushing, washing dishes, showering, and makes me wonder what it would look like to be mindful even in these activities. 

2. Funny how emotional a response I have to 3 little numbers on a scale. 

3. Baby Nelms is very active today. 

4. It always feels otherworldly driving out of rain into sunshine -- looking at a downpour in the rearview mirror, while there's nothing but clear skies ahead. 

5. Saying no is still hard for me. 

6. Pineapple Turmeric Hummus. Delicious. Who knew?

7. I am getting better at spending time alone, but it is not my preference. 

8. I don't mind being around a lot of people (though it's not my preference) as long as there is a quiet nook for me to retreat to. 

9. I need to get more comfortable saying no. I need to embrace it as my right. 

10. Passing cars and cicadas songs and the gentle rhythm of his breathing. Nighttime sounds. 



1. This rooms needs a desk. Maybe 2. 

2. I will have a new baby in less than 3 months. 

3. "You have to practice saying, "no," Mama. You have to practice saying no everyday until you get better at it." He said this out of nowhere. Sometimes I think he can read my mind. 

4. More cicada sounds. Do they ever sleep?

5. We come to the park at pretty much the same time every day, but there are always new faces. 

6. I have to make a conscious effort not to multitask. 

7. Today is a good day. Life is good. My mug reminded me of this. 

8. The squeal of Playmobil trains. 

9. My notebook is fraying around the edges. 

10. There is cat hair all over his black Batman hat, even though it's never touched the floor. Does that mean the cat hair is airborne? Is there cat hair in my lungs?



1. I have grown used to this dull ache in my lower back. 

2. I am always surprised by how much my feet hurt first thing in the morning. Am I running in my sleep?

3. The sun doesn't wake me up here like it did in Vermont. 

4. There are tears waiting to fall. I can feel them in my throat. 

5. Not all rejection is created equal. Some of it you can swallow, but some will always sting. 

6. My wet hair feels good on my back in this heat. 

7. I am in need of a win. 

8. This time that I am able to spend with my children is a blessing and privilege. 

9. I have so much jewelry, but I only wear about half a dozen pieces. I thought I'd done a really good job downsizing my collection, but clearly I need to take another pass at it. 

10. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. 



1. Some noises just fade into the background and I have to concentrate to even notice they are there. 

2. My tastebuds are racing to identify all the different flavors. All of them delicious.

3. Just the right amount of sunshine. Just the right amount of breeze. 

4. He's so dependable, so steady, so willing to be a rock when it is needed. 

5. All the laughter. 

6. The moon is so bright and feels so full. 

7. I can feel every shift of my hips.

8. My feet have puffed up so much that there is no space between the toes. 

9. Tonight Passion Fruit Ginger Ale and a giant vegan chocolate chip cookie mean "I love you."

10. My little girl is so big.



1. The bamboo is closing the gap between itself and the ceiling. 

2. Pretty much anything you can eat for breakfast would be better with coconut flakes or shredded coconut.

3. My body keeps telling me it's tired, and I keep not listening. I need to do better.

4. I don't know why I'm crying. 

5. My body hurts. Maybe that's why I'm crying. 

6. Drinking a cup of tea always feels like a self-care ritual. 

7. His line-up frames his face perfectly.

8. My stretch marks are spreading. I am trying not to be overly preoccupied by this.

9. We brought some of Vermont home with us. I have no other explanation for these crisp evenings in August. 

10. My mind doesn't want to be still this evening.



1. A kiss on my forehead. A kiss on my lips. A kiss on my belly. I love waking up this way. 

2. It's always harder for me to get out of bed on rainy mornings. 

3. All of a sudden it feels like fall. 

4. The biggest one and the littlest one get so excited to go to the library. It makes me so happy that they love it so. 

5. She is so limber and so graceful, stretching in the middle of the living room floor. 

6. I am going to blink and she'll be taller than me.  

7. We are enthusiastic tea drinkers. 

8. Even as an adult, I still like being read to.

9. He looks so serious. 

10. I would know his whistle anywhere. 



1. Voices outside my window take turns blending in and rising above the sound of passing cars.

2. Working on my posture is another exercise in mindfulness. 

3. I am standing at the edge of something, but I don't know what it is. 

4. Ours is an easy friendship.

5. I keep feeling like I am going to cry. 

6. I don't know that I've ever been this aware of the subtle shift, indicating the end of summer and the beginning of fall, this early in the year. 

7. I'm hungry but all I want to eat is pickles, maybe kimchi, and we have neither in the house. 

8. Maybe it's all in my head. But just because it's happening in my head, doesn't mean it's not real. Thank you Dumbledore. 

9. My temper is shorter than I would like it to be today.

10. The universe speaks quite loudly if you are open to listening. 


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