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Going out on a limb and trying something new is hard. When I first decided to become a full-time writer I was terrified. I was riddled with doubts and often worried that I'd made a serious mistake. But, with each challenge I faced, I learned something, and not just about what I could do differently. I learned a lot about myself. I began coming up with specific techniques and strategies to help myself succeed, and persevere through the difficult times. I shared these strategies and techniques with my family and friends, and after some gentle prodding from a couple of my sisters, I began life-coaching formally. Stepping out on faith and trusting that your dreams will sustain you can be nerve wracking, but it doesn't have to be. I am here to ease your fears, own your truth, find your voice, and the live the life you've always wanted. Use the form below to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with me, and let's get down to the business of making your dreams happen.

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