"Being a mother is a full-time job. I once heard a stay-at-home mom refer to herself as a domestic engineer, which is pretty accurate! So, the thought of trying to start my own business on top of being a mother seemed daunting and almost impossible. Satya's coaching provided me with the encouragement and support I needed to start creating the life I wanted. She always seemed to know exactly what I needed to hear, as well as provide an ear to listen. When I had any doubts she was there to bolster my confidence. When I thought what I wanted couldn't be done, she was there to strategize and come up with an action plan. She helped me to find the answers I was searching for within myself and learn to trust my intuition. I would highly recommend her services!"

-Mandisa Lee, Health and Wellness Coach, Founder of Wellness with Mandisa

"In coaching sessions with Satya, she always meets me where I am in my process. Her ability to shine a guiding light on your goals and aspirations and simultaneously plan concrete steps to getting there is unparalleled. Personally, I’ve found myself many a time in professional planning limbo – rejecting a previous plan but unsure of how to proceed. In those moments, she has helped me explore why the previous plan was no longer suitable and how I should go forward. Her coaching has been invaluable for both my professional progress and my sanity during the process."

-Caryn McCarthy, Social Worker & Founder of Aya Designs