Daily Ten - Week Five

Below is the fifth week of my daily ten observations. To learn more about my daily ten, and read the observations that came before these, you can read all previous posts here.


1. The air smells like sage and cedar. The smell is so strong, I almost expect to see a giant smudge stick outside my window. I wonder where it came from. 

2. I need to figure out how to meet some of these lovely people I've met on the Internet in real life. Online networking and community are great, but...

3. We saw a fox on our morning walk. Now it's all they will talk about. The middle one is wondering if anyone has pet foxes. 

4. He is doing better today, but he's not quite at his best. He's still working his way back to himself. 

5. I am better today too, but I can't get my energy to rise to where I'd like it. 

6. We are all missing him. We tell stories about him like he's been gone for weeks, or at least days. 

7. I always thought of this space as temporary, and as much as it has become home, when you walk through you can still feel the temporary-ness. 

8. The movie is not bad so much as it is incomplete. It feels like only an  outline for a story. 

9. I will miss growing and carrying a life inside of me. I will miss the intimacy of this unique experience. 

10. He calls them my Taurus moments. That's not inaccurate. 



1. I am in love with early morning light. The way it creeps through the window and stretches up the walls until everything is covered in a glow. 

2. Reading her ten has become part of my morning ritual. 

3. My shoulders are stiff this morning. I need to let go of some more. 

4. A butterfly just sailed between us, and they each smiled as they noticed it. I love sharing moments like this with them. 

5. Spiceville. Naomiland, and the Metropolis of Miles. They are so cute. 

6. The sound of rushing water. 

7. It is so easy to connect through laughter. 

8. I wish he didn't have to work so hard. 

9. But I appreciate his work ethic, commitment, and ambition.

10. I finished it! I feel such a sense of accomplishment. It's a little odd. 



1. It's 2:23pm. I suppose it is a testament to how busy this day is that I am just now stopping to make this observation. 

2. I need to eat more. 

3. I recognize that I needed a break from telling this story, but now I need to dive back in and I am having trouble figuring out where my entry point should be. 

4. Midday ice cream break in the kitchen while the bear is sleeping, before the girls come looking for me. 

5. The first sentence is always the hardest.

6. I am placing limitations on myself again. I am having to remind myself that I am the one who decides what is possible. 

7. I look forward to a time when anything money-related doesn't cause me so much stress. 

8. We are all tired.

9. He is all knees and elbows today.

10. We should have our own show. Our commentary is hilarious. 



1. The streetlights are still on. They don't realize the morning has come.

2. She wears her nerves differently than I do, but that doesn't mean they're not there.

3. I keep smelling coffee.

4. This little bit of morning is mine.

5. I solved the case of the mysterious coffee smell. 

6. She wants to ask me a question, but she knows it's a question she already got an answer for when she wasn't listening. 

7. I am falling down the rabbit hole again. 

8. We hear the woodpecker so clearly, but we cannot seem to find it, no matter how hard we look. 

9. My body feels like it is gearing up for a fight, but I don't know where it thinks the threat is coming from. 

10. Shadow and light. 



1. I am so hungry when I wake up. I struggle through my usual 20 ounces of water because all I want to do is eat.  

2. He's doing much better today, I think he's finally turning the corner. 

3. Coconut and almond milk. Egg. Vanilla. Cinnamon. And a bit of all spice. We are out of nutmeg.

4. So many butterflies.

5. I have no patience for the freshmen hogging the entire sidewalk, impervious to my excuse mes, or anyone's excuse mes, or any person outside their bubble. 

6. He is focused, not angry or upset. It took me years to learn the difference. 

7. The images are frighteningly familiar. 

8. This is why I love to read. It is nothing short of magical to feel so deeply and intimately connected to a person you've never met, all because of the way they've cobbled their words together. 

9. I am nervous about giving birth again, but the inevitability of it seems to soften the blow. 

10. It is way past my bedtime. 



1. I wonder what it is that makes some music touch something deep inside of you, while other music just sounds like yelling and screeching, or something otherwise displeasing.

2. Tomorrow is our anniversary.

3. My feet are throbbing again. Yesterday's hike is probably to blame, but it was worth it.

4. I think the universe has had this woman cross my path to help me work on my compassion.

5. This is way more people than I expected to see out on a mid-Monday afternoon.

6. Tomorrow is our anniversary - I'm a little excited.

7. Just because you admire and respect someone, doesn't mean you have to agree with them all the time.

8. 31 weeks.

9. All of my senses are heightened. I feel more sensitive in every way.

10. I am really excited to give him his gifts in the morning. I feel almost giddy.



1. I'm surprised by the time. My body feels like it should be earlier. 

2. The weather app says the sun has already risen, but I don't see it.

3. Rain seems to lend itself to quiet and thoughtfulness and solitude (in doses).

4. Drops of water collecting and pooling on the windows all around me.

5. I have more than 8 years to be grateful for, but I am grateful for them all the same.

6. The drive home feels shorter today.

7. I just want to sit down and write. Again, I must remind myself that this is productive too.

8. There is a little bit of nervous mixed in with her excited.

9. Laying side by side, talking about the future and the past. This is a gift in itself.

10. Love is a verb.  

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