Exploration & Quiet Places

I am taking a writing course called Liberated Lines: Writing a Brave New World, and am still mulling over my answers to questions posed in the first week (we are now in the seventh), so I thought I would share them with you.


What do I want to explore?

I want to explore the abundance of life. I want to lean into enough and shed the myth of scarcity that I have woven into my personal narrative for so long. 

My heart wants to know me better. It wants to come into itself. 

Somewhere deep inside I long to explore my own divinity. 

What am I keeping in the quiet?

I am holding my rough edges in the quiet.

I am hiding the parts of me that do not fit neatly into boxes, parts that tumble out and spill over the sides, parts that people wouldn't think were inside of me because of my packaging. 

I am silencing my comfort for the sake of keeping others comfortable. 


I have been doing a lot of work to really uncover my truth, and what I have discovered in this exercise feels essential to that.

More soon...

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