Intentional 21 - A Journaling Journey

Journaling has been a blessing for me from the moment it came it to my life. I began journaling years ago by taking part in a 7 day journaling challenge I'd found on social media, but it quickly became a daily practice that lasted long after the challenge was over. 

Journaling allows me to reflect, dive deep into my own wisdom, and embrace my truth. 

For Christmas I created a 10 day email series of journal prompts for my family and friends. I revised that series and created a 7 day series which I shared with my social networks, and now I am offering a 21 day journaling series called Intentional 21. I am launching the series on March 1st, and it will carry us right into the first day of Spring, with the last email coming in on March 21st

Each email will contain a mantra meant to encourage, a quote meant to inspire, and a prompt meant to help you reflect on where you have been, where you are, and where you would like to go.

To participate in this transformative and illuminating series, sign up here


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