love letter to myself

i try to stay positive. i try to keep things in perspective, but every now and again doom and gloom roll in and i end up riddled with self doubt. when that happens, i reach out to the people in my life who know me best, and can remind me of what's true. 

last week, when i was having one of these moments, i found a letter i wrote to myself months ago, and it was just what i needed. 


Dear Satya,

"Right now, can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself? Just at the height you are. Just at the weight you are, [just with how you look today, and with what you have achieved up to this point] with the intelligence that you have and your current burden of pain. Can you make an unconditional relationship with that?" Most of that quote is Pema Chödron's but the stuff in the brackets is yours. Your self doubt is wrong. Everything you want to achieve is possible. You just keep putting in the work and let the universe do the rest. You are going to make yourself so proud. Trust the process, Trust your words. Trust your creativity. Trust yourself. Trust the magic you have that is uniquely yours. You are a strong, beautiful, creative human being. Keep creating. Keep putting love on the page. 

I love you. 



sometimes we need to be our own reminders.

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